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"The Black Diamond Momentum rocks!"
Marcel, Category Manager





First Impressions: Look and feel

No matter whether we’re hitting a natural rock face or heading to the hall - we love the climbing life! Rarely does a sport offer such a special mix of adrenaline-pumping action, whole-body training and a sense of achievement. However, the fun often stops at the feet. Climbing shoes can become pretty uncomfortable, which often takes some getting used to (especially for beginners). So, it’s high-time a model came along that offers a little more comfort! Enter the Black Diamond Momentum shoe.

Our tester Marcel offered to find out whether this model delivers everything it promises. At CAMPZ, Marcel is responsible for making sure that our customers always have a wide, first-class range of products available for their needs. We could hardly have chosen a better tester: Marcel has loved the mountains since he was little and was bitten by the climbing bug at an early age. So, let’s see what our resident Spiderman had to say about May’s Product of The Month.

Since I’ve been spending a lot of time in bouldering halls over the last few months, the Black Diamond Momentum test was perfectly timed and pretty handy. I've never had a climbing shoe with Velcro. This is especially practical during bouldering sessions – because the shoe comes off just as quickly during breaks as it takes to put back on again afterwards. I was also very curious about the airy textile surface, because it can get quite hot in my leather lace-up shoes. Also, they might be airy and easy to take off, but would the Momentum offer enough support? When the black shoebox with its diamond logo landed on my desk, I was as excited as a little kid. I love trying out new products, especially when they’re as chic as the Momentum!

The shoe is very simple, but looked anything but boring. The blue buckle offered a nice contrast and the patterned textile surface with woven structure especially impressed me. But how did it actually feel on the foot? Once I slipped it on, I was obsessed. So, this is how comfortable a climbing shoe can actually be. The Momentum has a thick, very flat sole, which makes it much more comfortable than models with so-called ‘preload’. The stable structure in the toe and heel area felt as if they’d provide sufficient support and the extra stiffness on the sides of the shoe also looked promising. My personal highlight was definitely the textile surface! It felt taut but soft on the skin, very elastic and incredibly airy feeling.

The Practical Test: Off to the wall

Now came the fun part of my test. For 6 weekends I put the shoe through its paces during indoor bouldering and climbing sessions. What struck me from the beginning was how incredibly comfortable the shoe is. I’d never experienced anything like it from my usually hard, pre-stressed climbers. Due to the Velcro fastener they were quickly undone or completely pulled off between sessions.

Despite the Velcro fastener and comfortable feel, the Momentum offered surprisingly high levels of hold and support. It surrounded the foot firmly and securely, whilst at the same time allowing enough feeling to find your way around different footholds. The soft centre of the sole also allowed good sensitivity and feeling for the ground.

The textile surface is definitely the cherry on the top. It offered the perfect mix of elasticity and comfort, whilst also ensuring extremely good breathability. You’ll quickly realise the advantage of this – especially in summer. The fabric was also impressive in terms of odour-control. Whereas my old climbing shoes would begin to smell quite a bit after only a short time, the momentum stayed absolutely odourless – even after intensive use. Another nice side effect is that my climbing chalk quickly left a nice patina on the fabric, giving the shoe a cool, used look.

This shoe met its limits when it came to really small footholds and demanding hooks – but it never claimed to fully impress at this level anyway. Of course, there are rock-hard professional models on the market that can handle these holds, but they provide no comfort to speak of. With the Momentum model, Black Diamond has designed a shoe to feel great in, in which both beginners and advanced climbers can enjoy their climbing sessions – without feeling like they’ve lost toes afterwards.


The Conclusion: What a shoe!

I won't beat around the bush for long: The Black Diamond Momentum rocks! You’re looking for the perfect shoe for some relaxed bouldering with your mates on Saturday morning? Here it is. I’ve never experienced this combination of comfort and performance in any other climbing shoe. It’s stable, stretchy where it counts and simply damn comfortable. Thanks to its great breathability, it can also be worn at high temperatures without feeling like you’re carrying a sauna around in your shoes. I definitely won’t be going back into the hall without them!

Black Diamond – The Climbing Professionals

The US company was created in 1989 as a result of founder Yvon Chouinard’s passion for mountaineering. Black Diamond has developed from the insider's tip for hand-made climbing hooks to a global name operating worldwide. Black Diamond’s safety systems offer passionate climbers optimal protection and their climbing shoes provide the right footwear for everyone from beginners to professionals. Their highly durable trekking backpacks, tents and lamps also impress with their high-quality standards. Perfect handling and the use of high-tech materials have made these products real classics for outdoor athletes. TO BRANDTO BRAND

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