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Big Tree: Off to New Adventures!

Adventures, traveling, hiking, biking, camping, climbing: we love preparing you for your
outdoor experiences and by this becoming a small part of them ourselves!

Everybody requires something different in order to reach one's goals and to prep against the
vagaries of nature. The same amount of passion we have for discovering new things
ourselves also flows into our Big Tree outdoor shop. This includes a motivated team,
which wants to inspire you to approach new challenges and goals!

As part of the SIGNA Sports Group, we are working together with experts from different
sections to make your expedition through our shop even more exciting.
Discover outdoor with us in a new way!
Our Vision
Our Service
In our Big Tree team, everyone has their own definition of and motivation
for outdoor, which makes us a colourful mix of outdoor, travel and sports enthusiasts.
Jörn Stiller, CEO
Markus Christl, Founder